We are committed to a decentralized, transparent and automated future.


Fourstroke’s focus is not purely on trading or trying to reinvent old financial systems on new technologies. We exist to build something new. A new financial system empowered by new technologies — one that’s decentralized, automated and transparent.

The excitement of being part of a burgeoning industry is what makes our heart beat and drives us to improve our product, ourselves and everything we do.

Team and culture

The team behind Fourstroke is small and dedicated. Due to the nature of our work, and our goals, we strive to keep our team lean, reactive and efficient.

We approach the cryptocurrency world with a tech startup mindset. Every member of the team contributes to our success. And we are passionate about using tech to develop our cutting edge trading platform.

This can only be done if we collaborate, explore and try new things, at every opportunity. Whether together in our office or working remotely, we try to bring these principles to life every day.

Meet the team

Sander Pluimers

CEO & Co-founder

Lester Houtenbos

CTO & Co-founder

Indra Kiran

Senior software engineer


The Netherlands

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