Trading at
the frontier of financial markets

Algorithmic digital asset market makers

Fourstroke is a fully integrated quantitative trading firm specializing in market making for digital assets. At Fourstroke, we own everything required to provide liquidity to cryptocurrency markets – including the trading strategy and capital through to the technical infrastructure.

We are crypto-natives who want to build a new financial system – one that’s decentralized, automated and transparent.

Our goal is to use emerging technologies to build infrastructure to provide long-term sustainability and liquidity to crypto markets. Supporting greater adoption of digital assets, and bring our vision for the financial future closer.

Market making

Fourstroke is an algorithmic market maker for digital asset markets. This means we develop, maintain and deliver an algorithm-based cryptocurrency trading platform that allows us to provide liquidity on a variety of exchanges. Our proprietary trading platform quotes tight spreads to keep trades competitive and the market efficient. It does this autonomously, 24/7.

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We believe in transparency, scalability, flexibility and the future.


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