We are Fourstroke.

Fourstroke is a quantative trading firm that builds and operates fully automated market-making software for digital asset markets. We focus on capitalizing cross-exchange, and cross-product market-making opportunities with a self-managed hedge fund. By providing 24/7 liquidity to the markets and quoting tight spreads, our trading operations contribute to an efficient and decentralized digital asset ecosystem.

Our team comprises software developers with backgrounds in engineering and physics, who are passionate about developing cutting edge trading software.

Our edge.

Small team

A small experienced team, active in crypto since 2017


Scalable and capital efficient low latency infrastructure by co-located order execution and centralized inventory management 

Machine learning

Hier nog een mooie tekst over machine learning of wat dan ook. 


Embedded security and robustness for exchange failures

Fourstroke Trading is based in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands | info@fourstroke.io